Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Terminator Salvation Viral - Skynet & You

My Terminator Salvation animation used by Warner Bros as part of the film's viral campaign has passed the benchmark of 5000 views on You Tube!

What started as a fan video was quickly snapped up and integrated into the plot of the official marketing campaign and has featured on a variety of related sites including and

The animation has also been pushed heavily on Twitter and Facebook to thousands of followers making it properly Web2.0.

The short film incorporates video footage with my own animation to high-light the technological advances made by Skynet in it's quest to 'Bring mankind and technology closer together, for a better future.'

The script was written by myself and performed by Melissa Bramley.

So far the clip has received massively positive feedback from lots of people even as far away as Singapore. Click here for the highly complimentary TOYSREVIL post.

It is fantastic to be part of the campaign for Terminator Salvation as I'm a huge fan of the original films and I'm really looking forward to the latest instalment. It looks like Mc G has done a fine job!

You can view the video below. Hope you enjoy.

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