Thursday, 18 June 2009

MONSTER screening at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival!

My 2009 Straight 8 film "Monster" is going to be screened as part of the Rushes Soho Shorts festival in London at the end of July.

This is fantastic news and I'm very excited about sitting in a cinema with loads of people and seeing it up on the big screen. It was filmed on Kodak Super 8 negative stock so it should look awesome, of course I had lots of help from some very talented people including Bob who was camera operator, Nick Dale who did my lighting and Melissa Bramley who did some wonderful illustrations that feature in a book within the film.

I'm going to build a website for the film so stay tuned for that, it will have a full cast and crew list as well as a gallery and eventually the film itself.

The film was a large step up in terms of the ambition behind it compared to last year. With a cast of 50 and over 100 shots (the film is only 3 minutes and 20 seconds long!) there was a lot to get done. It's about a small village that finds it's self at the mercy of a monster with a taste for humans that awakes every night and goes in search of food! The whole thing was filmed in one day and everyone got to bed on time... Well, almost.

I have to say a massive thankyou to actors Teresa Garratty and Stephen Rockell who both feature in the pictured above, Mike Chowney and family and Thomas Matuszewski who played the Monster. You were all fantastic.

An extra special thankyou to Tim and Amelia Lowry (Tim is featured above) who played their roles as terrified children brilliantly and to everyone else who helped me out including all my friends and family. As well as being a serious business (to me anyway) it was a great day and you all helped make it a lot of fun.

As soon as I get more info on the dates of the screening I'll post them here.

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