Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sneezeman Paint

This is quite an old one but is still one of my favourites.

One of the characters I animated for Modern Toss Series 2 was Sneezeman. In this particular sketch he is trying to paint a window but due to his chronic sneezing condition ends up making a bit of a mess.

Visual comedy is one of my favourite things to animate as well as stuff breaking so this piece was great fun to do. I made the paint splats by flicking ink all over some paper and scanning it in. You can't beat doing these things for real.

The series went on to be nominated for a Rose d'Or, which in TV land is very high praise indeed!

Herbert & Norton

Commissioned by brand new Channel 4 initiative '4Mations' in association with Lupus Films and Aardman.

Herbert and Norton was featured on the new site as part of it's launch and joined a whole host of other pieces from all over the country. It features a happless Scotsman and his talking pants as he auditions for Scotlands answer to Britains Got Talent. Its in extremely bad taste and animating it actually left me feeling queezy...

Check it out if you think you can handle it.


Monday, 2 February 2009

Work Experience - Modern Toss

After having worked with Modern Toss on Series 2 of their tv show we were fortunate enough to be asked back again, this time to animate the short 'Work Experience' as part of the E4 Funny Cuts scheme.

It was shown late on a week day night which meant unfortunately that not many people got to see it, but it got it's moment of glory at the end of 2008 when it picked up 'Best Use Of Animation' at the DIMA Awards, I highly prestigious event covering the whole Southern region of the UK.

Check out the trailer at the link below.


Sunday, 1 February 2009


ROBOT is the name of the short film I directed as my entry to the Straight 8 film competition. All films had to be filmed on one cartridge of super 8 with all editing done in camera. The soundtrack is then created separately. The first time you see your film is in a screening full of people!

But how do you know how it has turned out, I hear you say! You don't. Fortunatley for me it turned out very well and was selected for screeing at the Cannes Film Festival, The Cannes Lions, Soho Rushes Short Film Festival and Brighton CineCity Film Festival.