Monday, 30 November 2009


My Straight 8 film MONSTER has been selected for a screening at the CineCity film festival in Brighton. Taking place on the 5th of Decmber at the Sallis Benney theatre it promises to be a lot of fun, the Straight 8 screenings always are.

MONSTER is about a small village holding an emergency meeting to discuss the terrible events that have befallen them as they are one by one picked off by a terrible creature that has decided to make them his midnight feast... Every night.

The version you will see on the night is the un-edited original entry to the competition first screened at the Curzon Mayfair cinema during the Soho Rushes Film Festival earlier in the year.

Tickets are available from the Duke of York box office on 0871 704 2056.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


The first episode of the new Modern Toss / BBC comedy series is now online, have a look below:

The series was great to work on and was the last project I worked on whilst at LSM. I was really proud of the work myself and the rest of the team managed to produce for it and I hope it does well, it's a great genre bending program mixing elements of sci-fi, comedy, drama and horror, so promises to be like nothing else you've ever seen!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Coming soon to BBC Online, Chaos Laboratory a brand new series from Modern Toss starring Paul Kaye and Simon Day. I worked as Supervising animator on the project along side creators Modern Toss and director Ben Wheatley, who along with editor Rob Hill recently acheived great success with their feature film Down Terrace.

Video footage of these red creatures has been spreading over the internet for the last week or so now but it won't be long before you can watch the full thing.

Here's a trailer for it with music by DJ Dave Spoon:

As well as working as an animator on the series with the guys at LSM I was also let loose with a video camera and did some of the filming for the second unit.

I'll post more about my work on the project once it goes live, I wouldn't want to spoil it!