Sunday, 24 August 2014


The first two in a set of five animations for the The Innovation Institute. Each animation helps to explain a service provided by the NEF that helps colleges and universities to ensure that the education and training they offer is relevant to the needs local community.

These animations have been a delight to create and I'm thoroughly enjoying the storyboarding stage of their development when I get to think of lots of little scenarios that can be used to best communicate the excellent work that the NEF: Innovation Institute does. Check back soon to see the next three animations...


Cheekychat from Cheekychat on Vimeo.

I created this animation for new app 'CheekyChat'. The animation had to capture the light-hearted tone of the brand and also demonstrate what the app can do. It features a cheeky monkey who is perhaps not the brightest banana in the bunch but he was a lot of fun to animate and I'm really happy with the result. Find out more about the app here:


I was lucky enough to be involved with the annual Wimbledon Champions Dinner this year when I was asked to produce the visuals to be played on a giant screen during the dinner itself. I produced three different looped sequences which I updated as the results came in throughout the day of the main finals. The event took place at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden and it was pretty spectacular.

I was thrilled to be a part of the team that helped make it all happen and it was great to see my handy-work up on screen while the Wimbledon champions enjoyed their meal!