Friday, 28 May 2010


In a slight break from the norm I was asked to come in to Brighton based digital agency Kanoti to help out with some graphic design.

As part of the work they were doing for BBC Bitesize, Kanoti were commissioned to create book covers for all the themes and characters for every piece of literature in the GCSE English Literature curriculum.

Here's a few examples of the pieces I worked on from the Drama 'An Inspector Calls':


A short while ago I was commissioned by The Viral Factory to create a series of animations to promote a new Lottery launching in Austria called Lottelo. Entrants play the game by entering their mobile number but they cannot enter themselves... The idea is to create an imaginative mini advert that features your mobile number and appeals to other people to enter you into the draw.

I created 3 pieces, screenshots of which can be seen below:


Enchanted Palace is an online adventure game for Key Stage 2 children. It was designed and created by talented folks at Brighton based digital agency Kanoti to complement the exciting new visitor experience of the same name now showing at Kensington Palace.

I was fortunate enough to have worked on the project providing my animation services on a number of the characters featured in the game, keep an eye out in particular for a rather spoilt Young William, Duke of Gloucester.

The game also features one of the finest insults I've ever heard on a children's adventure game, next time you're stuck for the right words just remember "You sluggish clotpole!" I'd like to see anyone come back from that!

Click the link to take a look: