Thursday, 16 July 2009

MOFILM: Philips - We Heart Light

My entry to the MOFILM User Generated Content competition is now online!

The competition was run in conjunction with 12 brands including Visa, HP and Vodafone amongst others. Each brand set a brief based on their core values and hundreds of people from all over the world entered, all hoping to bag the top prize... a day on set with director Spike Lee.

I chose to create a piece for the brand Philips, mostly because I liked the brief which was to 'get people to think about light in a new way and to create emotion through light.' I tricky one, but I thought there was a lot of potential to work with light in some interesting ways.

I came up with the idea of two characters made out of light interacting with each other in different ways trying to express themselves. The light that formed the characters was to be refracted from two prisms set up in some sort of magical light experiment taking place at night.

Interesting facts:

Filming the video part of the piece actually took place during the daytime and was converted to night using computer trickery. Also , the two prisms I baught failed to refract any rainbow coloured light what-so-ever so all the rainbows were animated along with the two characters.

Unfortunatley the entry did not win. Not to worry though, I'm really happy with the finished piece and you can check it out below:

A few days later I get an email from the folks at MOFILM telling me that because I was one of the first 30 people to enter in the Philips category I am entitled to a prize and that they would be sending it to me in the post in the next few days...

So here it is!

MOFILM Prize winner after all! Some lovely Philips white candle lights. Only problem is they've got a european mains plug and I live slap bang in the UK. Oh well.

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